Work to Raise 
Your Program

8 week 

Snackin in the USA is our Influencer Fundraising Program. This program allows our influencers to connect with friends, family and community while selling a awesome product. The money raised from this  program goes towards influencer program fees.  The fundraiser is a quick and easy way to get into the community reconnect with friends and family spread the word on your new influencership & help with your program fees. 

All fundraising items are priced at $8.75 each.  Our fundraising  profits are 50% of what we sell. So if you sell $400 worth of products that is $200 towards your program fees, Its that EASY!  Show your potential customers the order form with details of the products. Once order is selected you can visist the site iraisemore.com or send your customer to the site directly via text or email provide them  our group ID and they can make their purchase.   This guarantees all orders are placed and paid for by the fundraiser deadline.  Each fundrasiers will last  approximatley 6-8 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the fundraising program please get in touch. You will recieve your fundraising packet along with your welcome kit, once you have applied, signed your documents and process your deposit for your program selection. 

Next Fundraiser Launch Date 06/25/2022